EFVM Ministries

EFVM's New Vision Community Development Corporation, Inc.
Faith based outreach minitries providing economic and community development. Structured to change the world by empowering individuals to reach their full potential and become productive citizens. Contact Bobbie Strutchen at 229-436-7707 via email bobbieahoward@yahoo.com

EFVM Women’s Ministry
This ministry is uniquely designed and organized for women of all ages to come together with their hearts, minds and hands to provide a support for one another through spiritual principles.

For further information please contact Women Ministry President, First Lady Andrea Revills 229-436-7707 or via email at efvm_firstlady@bellsouth.net

EFVM Men’s Ministry
The EFVM Men’s Ministry is created to serve the whole man socially, spiritually and economically through empowerment that is unfailing through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Contact Chairman Deacon Michael Fowler at michaelfowler@bellsouth.net

EFVM Media Ministry
Through current and ever advancing technologies we have many avenues of spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To order any of our resources contact  Media Ministry Specialist Edith Cross at trulyblessed@yahoo.com.  
Geared for Praise and Worship to give honor and glory to God. Contact Minister of Music Pastor Darnell Lundy at 229-436-7707.

EFVM Dance and Performing Arts Ministry
Under the umbrella of the Youth Department, the Dance and Performing Arts Ministry offers a creative and expressive venue for all youth. For further information contact us at 229-436-7707. 

EFVM Youth Ministry
The Youth Ministry of EFVM reaches out to youth from the neighborhoods to the nations. it is comprised of teens and young adults who have a passion for God, and the one and only Savior of the world, the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Few Ministries Listed Below:

  • The EFVM Youth Ambassadors
  • The EFVM Dream Team
  • New Vision Dance Minisry
  • Mail from the Master - The Youth Drama Team
  • The Campus Connection

For Information you may Contact Youth Pastor Betty H. Dickens at (334)671-4236.

EFVM Children's Church
The purpose of this ministry is to teach children the excitement of knowing God's word.  We coordinate educational and extra curricular activities every month for our "Kids of Glory".  We are open every Wednesday & Sunday during services. For more info contact
Min. Sufronia Register  gorgeouslyblessed@yahoo.com 

EFVM Newly Converts Ministry
The purpose is to help the newly convert realize that he must trust in Jesus for spiritual growth.  This should be on a daily basis in prayer, reading God's word and to allow him to control and empower your daily life and witness. Newly convert class is every Wednesday Night @ 7:30 P.M. with Minister Louise Stamper.